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10-Year-Old Boy Invents A Genius Device To Stop Children Dying In Hot Cars After His Neighbor’s Death


The thought of a parent leaving (sometimes forgetting) their child alone in a car is unimaginable, but the reality is that this happens! On average, 40-50 kids die each year in the U.S from being left or forgotten in a vehicle. The cause of death?

The temperature inside a car on a summer day, even with the windows rolled down an inch, can quickly rise above 120 to 140 F. Even on a relatively mild day, the temperature inside a car can get above 100 F. At temperatures like this, kids are at high risk for heat stroke, which can lead to high fever, dehydration, seizures, stroke, and ultimately death.


You may believe the chances of this happening to your child are highly unlikely, I mean how could a parent possibly forget their child in the back seat? How could their child get into the car without their knowledge?

Well, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published these cases from the death certificates of 804 children who have died in hot cars since 1994. In approximately 55% of these cases, the parent was unaware the child was in the vehicle.


• A 6-month-old “baby died when accidentally left in hot car for three hours, died when outside 90 F temperatures rose to 130 F inside the closed car, parents thought the other had carried the baby from the car to crib.”

• A 9-month-old died after being “left strapped in child safety seat in a sweltering minivan for two hours – misunderstanding between child’s parents resulted in the child being left alone in the van; one parent believed infant was at home with other.”

• A 23-month-old died when a “relative babysitting child, put the child in the car for a trip to the store, went back in the house having forgotten something, was distracted by something on television, sat on the couch to watch, fell asleep, woke up two hours later.”

• A 2-year-old “child apparently slipped away from parents and siblings, fell asleep atop blanket in an unlocked car in the driveway of the home, oldest sibling found child 40 minutes later.”

• A 2-year-old died after a “parent left child in the car after returning home from errand – was left for more than an hour.”

These descriptions are shocking, to say the least. But these tragic and preventable deaths may all be put to an end thanks to a 12-year-old boy named Bishop Curry from McKinney, Texas.

The Oasis Device

Two years ago Bishop came up with the idea to invent a device called the Oasis. You can attach it to a headrest or car seat, and its purpose is to sense if a child is left alone while simultaneously monitoring the temperature inside the vehicle. Once the temperature gets to a certain level, that’s when the device blows out cold air all while also alerting parents and authorities.

He came up with the idea after his neighbor’s 6-month-old baby girl died from being left in an overheated car. Initially, he had made a 3-D clay model of the Oasis device with hopes to have enough money to manufacture the real product one day.

Since then he and his father have managed to raise $50,292 of their $20,000 goal on gofundme.com. This money is currently being put towards manufacturing the final product and securing the patent. According to nbcnews.com, Toyota, the car manufacturing company, was so impressed by Bishop’s idea that they sent him and his dad to Michigan for a safety conference.

His father proudly tells NBC that he works for Bishop, filling out his emails, answering his telephone calls, and taking Bishop to his meetings with the attorney. “People are donating to a belief, a belief that the world can change through one child,” says Bishop’s father.

So as parents wait for the day they can finally own this life-saving device, what can be done in the meantime to prevent such an unnecessary tragedy from happening?

 Look Before You Lock: Make it a habit that you check the back seat each time you get out of the car before you lock the door, even if you aren’t transporting your child. Doing this every time will instill the habit.

• Get your kids out of the car first, and then worry about getting the groceries, etc., out of the car when you get home. 

• When running errands, don’t leave your child in a car. Even if it’s just a few minutes, a car can quickly heat up, especially on a hot, sunny day. 

• Keeping your car locked and your keys out of reach, so kids can’t get in the car by themselves. 

• If a child is missing, in addition to checking the backyard and any other areas, make sure to check inside the vehicle and trunk of any nearby cars. 

Leaving the car running and the air conditioning on doesn’t make your child any safer. The child could get abducted, or they could put the car in drive. Anything can happen! Currently, 20 out of the 50 states have laws against leaving children in vehicles unattended.

If you happen to come across an incident where someone has left their kid(s) in a car:

• Call 911 immediately.
• Use your judgment, if the child is in obvious distress get them out of the car ASAP!
• The police might tell you to break the window.

Final Note

Parents are not perfect, and mistakes can happen. However, it’s never okay to leave children alone inside a car. So please don’t do it. Take those extra precautions, store those keys in a place where they can’t be reached, be mindful, check the back seat, and always communicate with your partner, babysitter, or family about the whereabouts of your child.



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  1. So what that means is that your kid is not on your mind for at least the time it took you to realize you left them in the back seat and if then. That means that you haven’t thought about your child the whole day like I wonder what little Billy or Little Suzy is doing and how is their day going right now? This is inexcusable… brilliant invention but I’m a parent of 4 and they were always on my mind.

    • Bruce Thompson

      I agree. This invention should be picked up by car manufacturers to be standard equipment in cars. Parents consciencious enough to buy one would probably be responsible enough to not leave their child in the car. We have a busy life and share the car but never for a second did we come even close to forgetting one of the kids in the car. These stories are just mind boggling! How can they happen?

      • The only problem with making this a standard feature is what if someone like me who does not want kids doesn’t want this feature. I think it should be an option like the fancy wheels that you can potentially get in your car if you like. 🙂

        • Yeah but someday you might trade in your vehicle. It’s amazing what is standard with vehicles compared with say 30 years ago. Paying for air conditioning seemed like a crazy extra expense
          Airbags too.

        • Regardless how you feel about children, chances are you won’t keep your car forever. If you sell it, the next person may have children. Having said all that….
          I’ve left alot of things in my car, my wallet, purse, even groceries once. I have NEVER EVER left my child (nor my grandchildren now) in my car because I’ve forgotten them or from miscommunication. I can’t even fathom it. I’m not saying people don’t make mistakes and do stupid things- we all do, but this is something I can’t imagine.

        • That’s fine if you plan on keeping the car for your lifetime. But what if you decide to trade or sell? Hopefully they will make the model that someone can add on later if the original owner didn’t want it.

      • I don’t want to pay for that crap on every car. I don’t have kids.

        • Your car may be sold after your done using it. It may be sold to a new and over worked mother. People make mistakes. Trees i agree these are mind boggling,baffling mistakes but please, any child’s life is worth way more than your need to save a few bucks. Make it standard

        • Omg… I understand u dont have children but your friends might… its about saving another human life… its about being human…

        • Yeah who cares about other peoples little kids right? Keep thinking of your selfish self. Morons of the world unite. This is the problem with our country right now, me me me me me me me and sucks to be you

        • Why do you call it crap?

        • odessa starling

          I can see why you don’t have any and I hope you never do

      • Agree 100%

      • I do agree that these should be “optional” to purchase in vehicles. Both Troy and Bud make great points. Not everyone has kids or wants kids, and we should have the option like many other things that don’t come standard in cars. One great big thing is that if car companies do decide to put these in cars, it’s not just children it can save lives of. I have many friends that don’t have children or don’t want children, their own personal choice, but what about animals. Many people have dogs, cats, etc that are their kids, theyre part of families too. One day this could also help save the life of an animal who has been left in the car, either it be left for too long or someone forgot/slipped their mind that their animal was in the car. Optional should be the way to go in my opinion, because even if it can save a life of a human or animal not everyone has children and not everyone has animals they take with them at times. This invention has so much potential!

      • Yes. Totally agree. Sick of paying more for products being “childproofed”, thus upping the cost for everyone that chose NOT to overpopulate the world. I think it’s awesome idea & if I EVER saw a child in distress, of course, I’d do everything I could to help. However, some people (not saying YOU) have a baby & suddenly expect the world to be covered in bubble wrap.

      • not just standard equipment in cars, because cars have an airconditioner…but maybe a carseat model…maybe it should be part of the actual car seat…it could easily be put on the side of the car seat….or over the top out of reach of movi8ng parts?

      • Should be a part of every child safety seat.

    • Are you serious? Most of the time people think their children are safely with someone else. They think they dropped them at daycare. Or someone else put the child to bed. Sometimes they put their child to bed, the child has snuck out and got in a car. You don’t need to not be thinking of your child for the unthinkable to happen.

      • Operative word, “think”!! If you’re child is able to get the door open, put a device high enough this couldn’t happen! If a person is so distraught, sidetracked, that they don’t ,”know where their child is”, they don’t need to be driving in the first place!!! This is just being irresponsible and there’s no excuse for it!!! Most people, myself included, are not this irresponsible with their fur babies!! Even at home, if they’re out of my site for more than 2 minutes, I go looking for them! Both type of babies, DEPEND ON YOU……SO THINK!!!!!

        • Your right but the fact is… some ppl unlike you still forgets and this is beneficial to those who forget… it may not be right but it happens and it’s another security measure like any other..

        • Why did u even read the article? Let alone take time out of your precious perfect life to leave a nasty comment… I tell u why… u need attention… no wonder why u don’t have children you are one yourself…

        • George Dillon

          Be cautious with height as security — our 18 month-old-child figured out how to rearrange the furniture to get anything that attracted his attention(in this case a screwdriver), and the first time he did it by waking up in the middle of the night and escaping from both his crib and his room, dragging a stool from the dining room into the kitchen, climbing it up onto the counter, opening the cabinet and retrieving it. Most people, myself included, do have to sleep, no matter how many exclamation points they put after their judgmental sentences. Some people even have jobs or chores too.

    • It’s not that their children aren’t on their mind. Have you never forgotten to feed the dog etc or someone’s birthday. Lots of people forget their kids at the babysitters etc I know what I am suggesting isn’t as important as your children but it is very easy to forget important things especially if things change. Maybe your husband takes the kids to school every morning and this one morning you did, but you went about your normal routine and it just happened. They think about their kids I am sure but when they’re thinking about them they’re thinking about him at school like they normally are. There’s lots of times I get to work and I don’t think about my kid till around lunchtime or so because I get so damn busy. I don’t know many they can say they think about their children every second of the day all day. A friend of mine‘s baby died this way she was the most loving and caring mother in the world one of the best mothers I’ve ever known and it devastated her it’s broken her and she will never be the same. Until you’re in somebody else’s shoes don’t judge.

      • Agree!! There have been times for me where I get distracted. There are times I forget super important things.
        Once, I forgot my little girl at school. It was after work. I was tired and it was the very beginning if the school year. My routine was get off work, go get things together for supper. As I reached my home, i realized she wasnt hoing to be there!! I ran back to the school… freaking out. She didn’t mind. The teacher didn’t mind
        But to me…. I just felt I had forgotten my kid. Just like some of these parents. Praise God mine did not die from my mistake!!

        • Thats the truth right there, and how it happens. Its usually a combination of a change in routine and another distraction. Like you said, your routine was go home after work. New school year, you go on about your routine, forgetting your routine has changed. Same has happened to me, leaving to go pick up kids, routine taking over and I find myself a few minutes later going in the wrong direction.

          Consider the parent who usually just goes to work. The other parent takes child to day care. But one day, you have to take them. Off you go when you get a work phone call. Distraction, sure you can be in the office soon, you’re already on your way. Routine takes over.

          Science has looked into this phenomenon and shown that the importance of the object, or child in these cases, is not relevant to them being forgotten. Its how the human brain works. So the suggestion of leaving your phone, or briefcase or purse in the backseat with the child is not stupid because you think that object is more important. Its a good idea because that is the item that is part of your normal routine, when having the child in the car is not.

          Do whatever it takes.

        • 100% agree. So many judgemental people on here who have obviously never made a mistake in their lives. I wish I was that perfect. Jeez.

        • Bless Him…It’s a Wonderful World!!!

      • 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 Facts

      • Thank you! My sentiment exactly. All these people being so judgemental, ugly, and cocky. Crazy things you would never think could happen to you do.. doesn’t mean the person is evil or stupid. Its just a horrible situation regardless of what you think about it. I’m so sick of judgy holier than thou assholes like gtfo of here dicks

      • Amen to that!

      • My children are teenagers and I never forgot them ever ! Its pretty hard to forget that you have children.

      • I’m sorry I strongly disagree as a mother you dont just forget your child is in the back seat of your vehicle! That is pure carelessness if you cant remember you to remove your child from your car you dont need to be a parent period!! How about the 2 children that spend 8 hours in a hot car and died because the dad claimed he for got them in the car while he went into work our system is so screwed up they let the man just walk free without him serving any time

    • I think if people are honest when asked how they could leave a child in the car. They were probably on their phone! It seems like more and more kids are being left in the car and I believe it’s because the phone has become a big focal point in people’s lives.

      • If you have a phone, leave it in the backseat, that way you will always look for your phone!

      • I agree 100% with you! I’ve been saying foryears, “put the damn phone back there beside the baby! I guarantee you aren’t getting out without that!” We live in such a self focused world, by the time you get somewhere, someone has sent you a text, recommended in your FB status, etc. .. People are too busy socializing to notice they forgot their kid!


        Today, that may be an added distraction. We drive by rote, which means we don’t necessarily look at each light before we put our foot on the gas. We don’t consiously go through the steps of driving. I didn’t drop my son off at school and noticed that he was still in the car, when I got to work, when I tilted the rearview mirror and saw him sitting in the back seat ( this was before car seats). Sometimes parents are momentarily overwhelmed by all of their responsibilities. My son was 5 and was not a talker. What I said to myself, was you need to slow down and be more aware.

    • That’s great that you never had to experience the devestation that those parents must have felt! I’ve heard stories of parents being so exhausted, they’re going on muscle memory and truly believe the dropped the kid off at daycare. Imagine the nightmare that must unfold for them when they realize what has happened. These aren’t all neglectful parents, they’re sleep deprived and working at half capacity. I can’t understand the hatred they are met with, don’t you think their lives are shattered enough?! I think it’s beyond cruel to judge them and call them horrible parents. Nobody means to leave a child in the car

      • Agree , if everyone and I mean everyone was perfect there wouldn’t be any issues ??
        People make mistakes that they live with FOREVER!

        For people who comment with negativity that’s a mistake you’ll live with

      • I agree with you 100%. Their lives are forever…. FOREVER changed. I can’t even imagi be hiw they hold down jobs, continue to raise a family, laugh or smile every again …. I believe with all of my heart that these parents love their children but yes They are probably sleep deprived with many things on their minds and like you said on auto pilot or muscle memory. Of course those children are their number one priorities things happen in life.. . I need to remember to keep those parents who have lost their children this way in my prayers because my God their whole lives are never It going to be The same….God-bless them!

    • I agree. I have five kids all grown and never once did I ever leave them in the car. I don’t understand how you would forget your left arm. It just doesn’t work like that?

      • Alice F. Martin

        I agree, I was shocked to hear people forgetting where their children anywhere. are people so wrapped up in themselves that they just don’t pay attention, it baffles the imagine that these poor children and pets are forgotten that easy.

    • They literally say that people makes mistakes. Just because you are obviously perfect, and could never make a mistake, doesn’t mean that everyone is. My mother was amazing and always had us on her mind (mother of 7) and guess what. She made mistakes. I’ve been left at the store. We’re humans. We’re forgetful. Being a mother is exhausting. And just like it said in one of the examples, both parents thought they had carried their child from car seat to crib. Accidents happen everyday. It doesn’t mean that you’re any better or they’re any worse. Shit happens. But don’t act all high and mighty when I’m sure that you have forgot to keep all of your observant eyes on your kids and they have fallen off their bed, or locked themselves in the bathroom or whatever. The fact of the matter is, you’re not perfect, so don’t make people feel terrible about things that “you would never do” you don’t know. So kindly STFU

    • See…that’s why it took a kid to do this…adults are so damn hung up on brow beating one another, they can’t see past the principle to actually do anything to help.

      I guess it is just too self validating to be a FB troll hidden behind the safety of a computer screen…

      I guess this twelve year old has us beat in the maturity category.

    • Hope Carpintino

      Agreed!!!!!!! I just imagine someone forgetting their child anywhere!!!!

    • Right! Most of this is done deliberately to do away with their kids. No way is this many people are forgetting their children in the cars. File murder charges against them all and I guarantee this will pretty much come to a bolt. Never an excuse.

    • Unfortunately some people suffer from memory issues or disabilities and they can be great parents but their mind works differently from yours. I agree with you but honestly, a lnyone who can put their wee wee in a waa waa can be ome a parent and frankly i rather their child live – so if that means this will help, then great!

    • I agree I wouldn’t even leave my dog he was my service dog past of old age but to this day when getting in or out I look in back seat , Hell there’s times I even call for him to get out there were times he would of wanted to stay I was n in out . But like you you said even leaving it running with air on is dangerous, well in a hurry ran grandkids in left car running in drive way dog got up to look out and bam door s lock and cost me a pretty penny and a lesson we’ll learn so if animals aren’t safe along why in the hell would children ? How can you forget I mean if it going to n from work u know u do that five out of seven day s not a one time thing BUT THERE IS NO WAY NO WAY IN HELL I COULD FOR GET A CHILD , animal ect there’s no excuse

    • I agree I have 3 children and not one time have I left them in the car. There are people talking about being exhausted, well I have been there still didn’t leave my children in a car. I don’t have pets because I have children so why would I want to take on that responsibility, they are more work then the children, and they add no value for me. I have forgotten birthdays but no one has died because of that. I’ve forgotten to check the mail, emails, run errands, but again no one died and I still have never forgotten my children. If people are that unaware of where their children are then maybe they should not have them! Sound harsh, but children are dying, because the adults are to caught up in themselves. Oh and I will say one more thing, my children are always in my face unless they are messing so if your child is out of sight FOR HOURS (because some of these cases children are not found for 2 and 3 hours), you don’t think to check on them? I’m just saying!

    • So what you are saying is that you are so perfect it is inconceivable to think a person could be under so much daily stress that an accident could happen… Did you know Mrs. Perfect that many of these accidents happen when having the child on a daily basis is not in the parents routine. It’s usually the other parent who does the morning drop off to the sitter. Accidents happen, help be the solution instead of the one with a God complex…Hope it never happens to you.

    • 👏👏👏👏👆

    • I said the same thing! If you got in the Car with your Child/Ren, how you forget them and leave them in the Car! Much Success to the YoungMsn thou.

    • Daniel Martinez

      No shit hit the nail on the head , atleast for me but not everyone is as attentive as us

    • It doesn’t take “all day”.A baby can die within minutes in a hot car. Most of the examples cited were for under 3 hours and often it happens due to thinking the other parent had the child.

    • I think most of the blame is the rear facing car seat. My children were always in front facing car seats and I would look into their faces periodically as I drove. Psychologically with the rear facing car seat, a parent looses that mental connection and allows tragedy to happen. It has nothing to do with good or bad parenting. The numbers of infant deaths has skyrocketed since the introduction of rear facing car seats.

    • Bishop Curry,
      Sweetheart, there are always going to be hate, jealousy and negativity in this world as you go through life. However, I don’t think that’s going to be a problem for you. Use the gifts that God has given you. You have a heart of love. One that will save lives. I’m sure that it will be a blessing to everyone who needs and wants it. Be Blessed Young Man. Keep doing great things.

    • GREAT,God gave this 10 year old boy a gift to save lives

    • That is so true, when you get into your car and open two doors, one for you and one for your kid (s), then you forget them, my question is, “WHAT’S wrong with you”? Your child should be the first thing that you reach for, BUT everyone is NOT a parent!! I had six children and NOT ONE was left in the car, to die!!

    • What if your child crawled into the car unaware that they did. For example you are washing the car and you think the child is inside the house but gets outside and crawls into the car. You are thinking your child is sleeping inside but is in the car instead. You are done, lock the car up and go on about your day. There are situations where a device like this even for parents who are alway alert about their kids would still be a lifesaver. Something to think about.

    • That’s not how it works. It’s that the parents forget (often combined with sleep deprivation) that their kids were it the car in the first place. They think they dropped them off at daycare but instead drove past it. They forget they brought the youngest to the store, and instead think she’s at home with the other parent and siblings.

      This is a horrible thing to happen, but human brains make mistakes all the time, and just dismissing people who make this most horrific of mistakes by saying they don’t love their kids is dangerous. Why? Because it makes people who do love their kids think it could never happen to them. Know that this could be you, you the person who thinks about their kids all the time. And have a little empathy for parents who have experienced one of the worst nightmares.

  2. Ashley Mendez

    This story is extremely beautiful for a 12 year old young man to be so selfless an so concern about others is really a reflection oh how he was raised an I tilt my hat to his parents they are the real winner they’re raising the next president! The youth are the future and I’m so proud!!!

    • Nothing selfless about the story. He was deeply personally motivated by the death of his neighbors baby. What hes is an inventor who saw a need and filled it. While he may not have been motivated by greed, the fact is he will become very rich off of his invention and rightly so. His invention could very well save very innocent lives. The disturbing part of this is that the invention will notify police at the same time it notifies parents or is it only if the parent doesnt reply to there notification and go and get there kid immediately the story seems to be incomplete or under reported on with to many vague details. The item could even notify police before parents from how incomplete this story is, creating possibility of children being separated unjustly from there parents due to parents facing criminal charges of child endangerment. Over all this story is poorly reported upon.

      • There is nothing unjust about these parents being notified after police. If thier child’s life is being placed in danger, they need to be removed permanently. There’s no ration excusable excuse for leaving your child’s well being unattended, or not clearly knowing beyond any doubt whether your child is being attended to by the other parent or yourself, that’s not ok! Period!

      • Really? That’s the kind of scary selfish attitude that probably causes some of these tragedies! Notify the police so they can get to the child if the parent does not respond. Yes, they may be too busy at work in a meeting with their phone off or YES, perhaps they DID leave their kid there on purpose! It’s happened! Notify BOTH, so SOMEONE can get there ASAP to save a child’s life! Heck, put an alarm on it so makes a LOUD annoying ALARM like those cars that have alarms that go off if the wind blows too hard, with lights flashing and a voice screaming…EMERGENCY! CHILD IN DANGER!

      • Being that the product is still in the development stage there isn’t much they can divulge. The kid doesn’t even have a patent yet. It’s crazy to give all of the secrets and hopes yet. Do you want a blue print of the design as well? This article was just to let you know that a kid saw a problem and has come up with a solution. After the testing stage them you can ask these questions. But can he finish making the thing first?

  3. I suggested turning your lights on when putting your child in the back seat. Once you turn your car off it will bing to alert you that your lights are on but it will also remind you that the child is in the back seat.

  4. Galen Hamilton

    Send me a link to my email to his go fund me please

    • Not trying to be silly but research and look for the link so that you’re not given the wrong link and your donation doesn’t reach the right destination. The wrong person could send you a link and deposit money right into their account 🤷🏽‍♀️

  5. Frankly, I’ll never leave a child that small in the car alone. Not even for a s second

  6. Wow! Bless his heart to have a tragedy close to home inspire him to save lives. You need to contact Shark Tank and get those Sharks to partner with you and get this out in the hands of the world ASAP!

  7. Contact Shark Tanks

    • Yay!!! This is a great idea! It’s SO sad that there have been that many deaths due to children being left in cars! I know sometimes it can be shocking to hear of parents leaving a child in the car, and I am certainly not advocating an easy fix for making it more okay for them to do it by cheering this young man and his invention on. Parents are human beings who sometimes need a little help.


    • It looks like a fan, heat-sink and a peltier chip. It generates electricity when temperature between one side and the other. Not saying it is, but that’s what it looks like to me. (google “peltier heat-sink”)

    • Google. It’s a simple machine. People wear such on their necks. Its completely possible… “and/or whatever.”

    • They can’t give all the secrets away or someone else would take the idea and market it first, if someone else isn’t already doing that at the moment!

    • And the power. How long would it last? If a parent is going to buy this, I don’t think they are going to leave their kid in the car

  9. Our childrens are blessed by defending their life. May he be an exaple to other’s.

  10. Need to make this device be put in all cars before leaving the factory as an additional safety . Make it a law to have to have in all cars .

    • Yea. Force people who dont have kids to pay extra because a law is made that requires it in all vehicles… good thing you’re not in congress.

      • What?… you never have passengers…. animals etc….. Think of it like this you’re donating to helping save lives of children that are possibly in danger of being killed that should make your day and make you feel so much better about spending that extra $100 bucks on the item give me a break!!

        • Give ME a break! Sick of breeders expecting the rest of us to live in a childproof world. Make it an option NOT mandatory! And NO, that’s not being selfish. What’s selfish is people overpopulating the world and putting the entire PLANET in danger. $100 is A LOT of money to A LOT of people. And not everyone can afford a brand new, shiny “smart car”. So single, childless people already struggling should have to ADD a device to a 20 year old car??? Parents of small children even get their own special parking places here! Right there with the Handicapped spots. I’m sure being a parent is NOT easy but don’t expect special treatment.

    • I kinda like that idea!

  11. This is an amazing product and should also be used for pets. What a great young man and father.

  12. Know your local laws. In some states, good samaritans cannot be prosecuted or sued for breaking vehicle windows to rescue children or animals.

    • I think even in states that they could be sued or charged, the charges would never hold up in court. Any reasonable judge or juror would definitely side with the safety of someone stuck in a car.

  13. Here’s a cheaper solution… DON’T LEAVE YOUR KID IN A HOT CAR PERIOD! That’s Free.

    • That is obviously NOT working.

    • Dumbass! It’s not like they mean to, but in most cases it’s one parent or the other that usually takes care of taking the child to daycare or wherever, and then they have something or somewhere to be, so the other parent has to take the child and is not used to that. They have their routine and therefore can be forgotten.

    • This is a rather foolish notion to say that you can be so super human that you would never step away from a vehicle while your kid is still in it.

      • Why do people think, a person is acting, PERFECT, or SUPER HUMAN, to NOT leave their child in a car??? It’s common sense!! If a person is so irresponsible with their children, they shouldn’t be allowed to care for that child!! Maybe there should be a LAW, that all parents take parenting classes and have it drilled into their heads… I’m a mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and a fur baby mother, I can’t even leave my fur babies at the groomer for two hours without looking for them when they’re not at my heals! THINK…. SLOW DOWN AND THINK!!!

  14. Very impressive invention by a child with genuine concern for the welfare of children left in hot cars by themselves.
    Bishop obviously thought through this tragedy and found a workable way of preventing it occuring again or ever..
    We need the aptitude and smartness of such persons in our lives to save those exposed to dangerous elements.

  15. This isnt a smart idea at all, what’s a smart idea is the Parents Not leaving(FORGETTING) there kid in the car in the first place. That solves the problem right there. What’s the point of this devices it should notify the parent before hand not after they already forgot there kid. The “Devices blows Cold Air” from where and it can’t be that cold and for that long period of time. Come on People just stop forgetting for your children in the car. If you honestly cant remember that you kid is in the back seat then you shouldn’t be allowed to have kids period.

    • Negativity. Someone always have something negative to say about a good cause. Wow. Small minded people……

    • The problem isn’t going to solve itself by people saying they shouldn’t forget them, that’s just ignorant. This is a great idea and the fact that a 12 year old child created it is simply beautiful. And I applaud his ingenuity. If you don’t fully know how it works then you probably shouldn’t judge it.

    • Andrew it is a good idea I mean grow up and stop so indignant over something you have no control over and there for no understanding of there situation. People are human things happen some people are born absentminded. I’m suprised at how low the incidents of child mortality in a nation of what four hundred million that there are only 50-80 deaths related to leaving a kid locked in a vehicle from year to year. Your lack of empathy for tragedies is somewhat appalling. No one person can always be thinking about another person it would be unhealthy. In the same way no parent can 100 percent of the time be thinking of there kid(s) and a tone who says otherwise is either a liar or not really a parent. This invention has the potential to save those 50-80 children per year are you sure your not just jealous of him because he thought of such a simplistic solution that you couldnt

      • No one person can always be thinking about another person, it would be unhealthy????? How unhealthy is it for THAT DEAD CHILD??? If you make the decision to have a child…. YOU DAMN SURE BETTER,,, “ALWAYS”, BE THINKING OF THAT CHILD!!!!

      • And it’s not selfish to overpopulate the world putting the entire planet in danger??? Anyone choosing to breed in this day & age is already sentencing their child to a long, slow death. So many babies NEED a home but some people think their DNA is SO special they go to fertility clinics & spit out litters of kids like rats to satisfy their own selfish desire. And they made T.V. shows glorifying people for this! I would do ANYTHING in my power to help ANY child in danger, after all, the poor kids didn’t bring themselves into this world. On the other hand, some of their parents…maybe not so much!

  16. Irene Conklin

    Not only is this product genius, but this young man is a genius.

  17. Smart kid, i hope his invention comes to fruition and all the major car manufacters make it a safety feature in all there cars.

    Toyota sure seems to like it.

    • This makes no sense.. you can’t make cold air from hot air..

      • You must not have made it too far in school because your lack of knowledge of how an A/C works. It takes hot air and pushes it through a condenser and turns it into cold air. You should learn how something works first before you put it down.

      • Umm yes you can. Air conditioners do it all the time.

        He thought of an amazing idea.. Why slam his idea.

        Much reapect to the lil man

      • Don’t be so obtuse, doesn’t an air condition unit cool down a hot car? sheesh!

      • Really? How do air conditioners do it..? Regardless of what the situation is, this child is trying to help save children from losing their lives because of the carelessness of adults. We need to give him the credit for coming up with this idea. So what have you done to help prevent this problem?

      • The device shoots cold air, mostly likely some concentrated Freon, when the device detects its to hot. It’s not rocket science, it’s a practical invention based on air conditioning technology,

      • Yes you can they are mini swamp coolers they utilize water kept in a reservoir to cool the air. There are plenty of them on the market now or another way is they utilize a heat sync. the same tech that computers use to cool their internal. Components that tend to run hot heck some drink refrigerators utilize it to cool what’s inside up to 40 or more degrees colder than the temp outside the refrigerator

  18. how do you order it?

  19. Black Excellence


    The Lord has blessed this child in ways that are so far reaching…….his impact on the world is already huge. He is an inspiration and hopefully other young children will take note. How proud his family must be, but more importantly, how rewarding to created such a life saving device. Hundreds of lives will be saved. And to have been the child who came up with this device. My goodness….God bless him! He will go on to do great things and we will all be looking forward to seeing where life leads him!

  21. All of this is Really great!!!

  22. Matthew Jerry

    Love the ingenuity! The issue is no-one will buy it because no-one believes this will happen to them. What they should do is get the car seat manufacturers to include it already attached to their seats in the box. Then also include directions on how to set it up. I think just having the device will help people remember their child is in the car.

    • I disagree it’s something to invest in especially if it can become something purposed into all future vehicles as a safety precaution

    • Literally just wanted to say that POP-A-LOCK saves children in locked vehicles AND houses. They literally find the closest tech, drop what they’re doing and race to that baby to save their life. For absolutely FREE of charge.

  23. Never call the cops first, that is not wise at all.

  24. This is amazing sweetie. I will look for your GoFundMe site

  25. This is OUTSTANDING NEWS! This child has been gifted and guided by the Lord! I am PROUD of him and I pray for MANY BLESSINGS for him and his father. To include the blessings he WILL NO DOUBT give to others with this device. He will SURELY save MANY LIVES, to include animals!

    My OTHER prayer is that his family DOES NOT ALLOW ANYONE to buy him out nor take such EXTREME CONTROL over HIS BRAIN CHILD that he is underhandedly swindled into losing his creation. His name MUST be the ONLY name on this device, and REMAIN on that device.

    The money coming from it’s sales must be his forever and generationed down. God BLESS him!!

    • Can you pray for the lord to guide someone to curing cancer please? CF? CP? Arthritis? Any major, life threatening disease?



  27. Having done this, I don’t think the majority of parents are doing this on purpose, they are forgetting because they are in a hurry, or sleep deprived or …and they may think the child is at daycare or with someone else. For a woman I think the best advice is leave your purse with the child on the floor and make it a habit to check your back seat when you get in and when you get out.

  28. Good for this kid! A brilliant mind and an upright heart!

    God Bless you, Bishop!

  29. Or make it an automatic felony to leave your child in a vehicle. 25 years if they do not die. Life if they do. Problem solved.

    • Carlene Greene

      It’s really easy to judge others. A parent has a lot to juggle, is often sleep-deprived, and from the cases they mentioned, the parents thought that the other was in custody of the child. If there is a sleeping kid in the back and you think your spouse has the baby, it’s not like you are doing this on purpose or out of malicious neglect. I am sure when a parent realizes that they have accidentally murdered their own child, they would rather have whatever penalty the law could put down instead of having done that. Everyone makes mistakes and anything we can do to make those mistakes not cause a fatality we should do.

    • No, your idea doesn’t solve the problem. A child will have already died. No matter what type of punishment you suggest, punishment comes too late. The problem is that people unintentionally leave kids in a hot car, and the goal is to not have kids die. Any solution needs to focus on the actual problem and goal, instead of of just punishment after the damage is done, as you suggest.

  30. Amazing…as in genius status!!! Mind blowing young man. Beyond those words I’m speechless!!!! Reinforces in my soul who the ‘real ones’are!!!!! I praise you young one!!!!!

  31. it is a very great idea , but where would this unit get the vold air to blow ? the alert system is very key — a loud siren on the parents phones .

  32. Crackpot idea. It’s a car, simply start the car and have the ac on if the temperature gets too high while someone is still inside. Using a Peltier thermo-electric cooler in a car that has AC is just silly. Even old cars can have something added to have the car start automatically. If this gets a patent then the patent office is insane. Arduino projects should not get patents.

  33. Yes it is a great concept BUT if a parent buys that are they admitting they plan to leave their child in the car? Then if the device is used, wouldnt it be premeditated murder at that point? I just do not buy the whole forgot the child, it is negligence and these parents and caregivers need to do time.

  34. When you put a child in the back seat, put your left shoe in the back seat also. If you forget your baby is in the back seat, stepping out your car heading to God’s know where, with one shoe on will quickly remind you, you have precious cargo in the back.

  35. Good idea for an unnecessary problem. It will never sell unfortunately. Making it a built-in feature to future car seats/booster seats would be the only way to really patent and put his idea into play. Fimd a compamy that will put this into their seats.

  36. What an awesome idea and to come from a child who did it because he knew someone who has lost their life so he wanted to keep it from happening to anybody else that is a godsend right there

  37. The challenger will be in the power requirement. One reason we are not using thermoelectrics right now to cool a vehicle is the amp load. Everybody who owns one of those 12v portable coolers/heaters knows that the car battery will only last a few minutes if you use one without the car running. I have one in my SUV and one reason I have a battery buddy at the battery is because leaving one on will mean I can’t start the car even if I go in to get just a few things at the store. And I can see his chain of though, to use a thermoelectric module to cool the inside of the car. The physics are against him. The other systems invented by other kids, engineers, and developers show much better promise! They include memory devices, actual car alarm features, and the inability to even lock the car with a kid in the back.

    • …and one of those will deliver squat for cooling. However… if used in the other direction… It could be used as an alarm, generating electricity from the temperature difference between outside and in.

  38. Brittany Galvin

    This is amazing !

  39. Back in the 40s IF a car got too hot, imputies in the GLASS changed crystalline structure to expand & shatter the glass window> Windshield makers identified the impurity & removed it to FIX the problem, but I think the temperature at which it shattered was !78^F so a child might not survive anyway

  40. Best tip to parents is, please, always put your bag and personal belongings in the back seat when with your child, and always put the child stuff in the front seat, always. It’s a safe memo you’re not alone. Forgetting a baby is easier than it seems and do can happen to anyone. Keep safe.

  41. You are NOT allowed to use the phone while driving, so place it IN the carseat with the child. I bet you don’t forget that!

    • Then the kid eats your phone and destroys it so what reminds you next time?
      My son slobbered 5 phones to death in 1 year.. And that was keeping it away from him he’d just find a way to get it and a teether it became

  42. I think that is BS. Nobody forgets that they have an infant in a car. Parents just need to quit being lazy and take their child with them EVERY time they get out of their vehicles!

  43. Everine Hogans

    The headline said he was 10 years old but he’s 12🤔

  44. Any parent (or dog owner) that leaves them in the car isn’t fit to be a parent. Period.

    Get real and take responsibility.

  45. Cherri Gonzalez

    This is amazing..but i bet the parents that are FORGETTING their child in the furst place wouldnt forget their cell phones ..give ur child the phone..stick it in the carseat with the child..two problems sokved ..no firgotten chikd and no driving while distracted by tects or calls ..this is so upsetting..but this kid is smart ..wtg parents on ur future whiz kid

  46. Put your cellphone in the backseat and no child will ever be forgotten again . Parents never forget cellphones, only their kids ! Time to stop this idiocy and put your kids first.

  47. Pasquale Capu

    At what age is a “kid” not able to open a door to a car from the inside???? Are we talking infants and babies only?

  48. Even if just one child’s life is saved the cost doesn’t matter and this is a great idea

  49. I’d like to know how many children were left in cars before car seats were turned backwards. Turn the car seats around so children can be seen by their parents. Don’t be judge mental of people, most people are very attentive to their children

  50. Shark Tank…… Keep in mind this is a child (young man) don’t take advantage of him.

  51. I am glad to hear this…Thanks little Bishop.

  52. My Chevy Silverado pickup sounds a tone and displays a message to check the back seat every time the vehicle is turned off. Yeah for Chevy.

  53. I know that I may be hit with criticism, but we need to realize that we do not know what the people who have made such a mistake were going through at the time and it is not up to us to judge. This forum is about an awesome and possible remedy to a tragic issue. If these devices could be installed into cars, just as some of the other “luxury” items are or consider this an item that is required in vehicles starting such and such date. Could you imagine the lives it would save. Look at the topic at hand, not putting down the ones who made the worst mistake of their lives because, trust me – you may be there one day with a mistake all your own. Maybe not this one, but one of your own.

  54. There’s no device that can make sure retarded parents don’t forget their children in hot cars.

  55. Things to do that can prevent a tragedy while waiting for this device?

    I say ppl should have to pass a common sense test before being allowed to parent a child. We have to pass a driving test before being allowed to drive a vehicle due to safety reasons. So it would only make sense to pass a test to parent a child. Smh.

    There’s noooo excuse for this!!

  56. Excellent idea! For a man his wallet!

  57. I think back to when my kids were car seat age and they were always on my mind. However we live in a society where alot of parents are preoccupied and just somehow forget that their child is in the car. It’s hard for me to understand but we need to make sure this Oasis device is mandated so that these incidences never happen. They are so tragic. Let’s try and not judge.

  58. Wendy Hercules

    First … High freaking five to this kid and his parents for raising him to be smart AND compassionate!!
    Second … Make it a CRIME!! Punishable by being placed in the SAME vehicle … The VERY NEXT DAY … In the SAME parking spot … With the SAME view as the poor innocent child that died!
    Then just bury them IN the SAME vehicle and be done with it!!
    Harsh? Yup! Darn well SHOULD BE!! There is simply NO EXCUSE for this crap!!
    Maybe the way the world is turning has made me SO cynical that I don’t believe any of those excuses!
    Maybe that CSI episode stuck with me … The one where the parents gave the baby cough medicine hoping that it would go to sleep and pass away quietly and painlessly because it had some genetic disorder!
    If you “forget” your child in a hot car … you deserve to die the same horrible death and you certainly do not deserve the opportunity to live on and possibly create another little human!!
    Hate me yet?
    **clicking my stop watch …..

    • Well…. I know this for sure…. If we all said a quick prayer Every single time we got into the car asking God to keep everyone in the car safe and safely placed at their correct destinations….then He would do just that…. !!!!

    • Problem: People unintentionally leave kids in hot cars.
      Goal: To not have kids die.

      You don’t have to believe the excuses. You can hate, judge, and rail at the parents, call for extreme punishment… doesn’t matter. You don’t have to have one ounce of sympathy for the parents.

      What you *do* need, is to have sympathy for the child, and to remember that the goal is “to not have kids die”. Whatever punishment you devise, doesn’t matter to the child who has already died. So look instead for a solution to prevent the child from dying in the first place.

    • YES to ALL of this!

  59. I bet this kiddo goes to a play based preschool! With his play based ‘education ‘ he was able to invent this remarkable idea! Let’s keep play on education! Parents would not not forget their kids if they were allowed to play in their early childhood!

  60. List all the excuses you want. Death by hot car is still the only legal form of negligent homicide.

    Make it a manslaughter charge with a minimum 10 years, and I guarantee you the numbers will drop dramatically.

  61. With all the electronic features on cars I’m surprised no car manufacturer has thought about setting up a feature similar to this.

  62. Kerrie Cassem

    Give them your cell phone to play with; it is rarely left behind.

  63. Well…. I know this for sure…. If we all said a quick prayer Every single time we got into the car asking God to keep everyone in the car safe and safely placed at their correct destinations….then He would do just that…. !!!!

  64. Leave your cell phone in the back of the car near the child. I bet you won’t forget that. When you go to get it, you’ll see you have a child there also.

  65. The car manufacturers should be mandated to have this attached to buying a car. Hands down.

  66. Idk about you but I ALWAYS kiss my babies goodnight and tuck them in. The 1st thing I do EVERY time is take my child out of the damn car! I honestly cannot fathom how you forget about your child! YES I’m judging and NO I don’t care! My son still has to check in with me EVERY day and night and he’s 19! My daughter is 7 and there is not a minute in any given day that I don’t know EXACTLY where she is! This is neglect…this is murder plain and simple! And when we start treating it as such then MAYBE things will change! Ever notice how this epidemic started right around the heroin epidemic?? Coincidence?? MAYBE……

  67. Francisco Jose Sarmiento

    Beautiful idea. However, it will not have an important impact. There is a high tendency for people who would not buy this device, to be the same people that are less aware of their children. It was a nice invention though. I would never buy it because I would never leave my child alone in the car.

  68. Iam so happy too hear how this young boy and his dad is beside him 100% of. His dreams .. Keep it up younger man . soo proud and bleesed too hear this story i wish i could help out in anyway. Plush i would love too have one for myshelf friends familys and others people due care about one another..

  69. Natasha Boreaux

    Wow, most people who object to this idea usually say they don’t have or every want any kids. Way to be selfish people. This items doesn’t cost any more to include and it’s a great idea. Wait we already knew they were selfish because if they have a baby, they won’t BE the baby anymore. LOL

  70. Georgia williams

    What I can understand if you put a child in the car isn’t that would be the first thing you get out he car before your purse. and leave the food in car take the child in the house first. So now what on these parents mind to grab one child and not the other ones? people you have kids ,why can you go in house go to bed and think of the kid the next day or go to work and know you put a child in the back seat.So now I can’t say it is a accident.so what was the plan? kill the problem that causing your problem. then say I forgot?

  71. DJKM04/09/2019 at 11:07 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Bishop Curry,
    Sweetheart, there are always going to be hate, jealousy and negativity in this world as you go through life. However, I don’t think that’s going to be a problem for you. Use the gifts that God has given you. You have a heart of love. One that will save lives. I’m sure that it will be a blessing to everyone who needs and wants it. Be Blessed Young Man. Keep doing great things.

  72. It’s shocking to hear these stories, i have 3 children and i just never left them anywhere alone. Things happen in a second. My 15 year old son won’t stay in my car alone and he can get out. I get it we have major distractions but our kids should be the most important thing in our lives. It’s our job to protect them.

  73. People will realize their phone is not on them immediately after stepping out of the car but they can’t remember their babies are left in a car?!

  74. Lmfao that’s some bullsht
    First off those people that left kids in the car are FK’n idiots they should have been charged !!!
    Second that device might sound good to people that live im false sense of reality and in safe spaces lmfao
    That device does not seem realistic at all and even if could be would not be that small or not very affordable
    How would it ( generate and blow cold air from ?) lmfao and for how long ? How long would the power source last?
    How would it ( detect if a child is in the car ?) lmfao
    It Might be motion active but it would not operate as they say lol
    It’s not logical
    Sounds like just a bunch of leftist pushing a bs agenda and that family is just pocketing money off gofundme

  75. most your comments are talking crap about other parents or saying what great parents you are. You have no idea how many freak accidents happen. My Cousin took a shower found his dog dead from getting his head stuck in a bag of chips left out. It is life Shit happens. It’s not that you are perfect, you’re lucky. Kudos to this kid amazing kid for being the change.

  76. Will this devise work for pets also? Just saying people also leave their furry babies in hot cars daily. I don’t understand how this happens with a human or furry baby. I would never ever forget my son or my furry babies in a hot car.

  77. You people are nuts. Did you see that number? 800 children in 25 years. That’s 30 children a year. In a country that contains over 300 million people in it during any given year. This is something worth worrying about? Y’all need to acquaint yourself with an actuarial table. The fact that you would allow your child into a moving car but fret over this goes to show that you have no concept of risk.

    To the people among you who say “How can you child not be on your mind 24 hours a day”, allow me to break the news to you. You are the reason we are seeing a spike in suicides among children nowadays. You and your overprotective, helicopter style of paranoid parenting. The evidence is in, it is beyond disputable at this point that this style of parenting creates mentally weak children who are more prone to numerous mental maladies that children of previous generations were without.

    It used to be that parents essentially ensured that their children were fed, went to school, and went to bed at night. That was about it. The rest of the time the children were permitted to play by themselves and with their friends in unstructured play away from the prying eyes of parents. This style of parenting produced the men who fought the Germans and Japanese and won. Your style of parenting results in children who go off to college and need “safe spaces” to deal with their faux traumas.

    The best thing society could do for this ignore you knuckleheads and instead listen psychologist Peter Gray and his body of work collected in “Free to Learn”. The sooner the better if we ever intend to correct the weakness and fragility that your parenting style has created.

  78. He is a Life Saver. 💯I hope his goals are met and the final product does exactly what he imagined. 🙏🏼

    👀 Now On the flip muthafuccinside….
    You can not pay me to believe this many people actually accidentally park in the parking lot of the job, clock in and go any amount of time leaving their child in the car. No! You won’t make me believe that.
    I mean 50 children last year or the prior…
    nah I mean not for a split second did you wonder about dinner? A bathroom break , a quick morning recap, nothing??? Get out! Somebody really went a whole 8hr shift without remembering baby didn’t get out the car. Hey this is just a sick sick place.
    God bless the babies and parents victim to a true accidental death by car. I know accidents happen and I’m not taking that from nowhere or no one. But man come on. Just hearing one of these heart breaking stories is enough to panic a parent into preventing this. Smh sad sad af

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